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The best three HCG supplements reviewed

HCG TRIUMPH 99% “superior product, amazing weight loss…” #1 VISIT OFFICIAL
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HCG ULTRA DIET DROPS 95% “a strict diet but made possible thanks to supplement…” #2 VISIT OFFICIAL
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BETTER THAN HCG 94% “it made me into a new man…” #3 VISIT OFFICIAL
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When we started off on our quest to find the best among the new HCG products, we never dreamt that we would find three products that are not only as good as the old HCG supplements, but that might even be the better solution and our choice even if the old products were not banned. However, we find three such products and we would like to tell you a bit about each of them here. These three HCG supplements are HCG Triumph, Better Than HCG and HCG Ultra Diet Drops.

hcg-triumph-1HCG Triumph is without the doubt the best one of the three and it is easily the best weight loss product that we have ever tried out. For the member of HCGdietl2.com who tried it and reviewed it, it was the best thing ever. He lost almost 30 pounds in a month and he did it without struggling too much with the diet. The drops work so well that the hunger is completely tolerable and there is really no feeling that the user is faint or that they are lacking any energy. The results alone are enough to make this the number one choice, let alone the quality of the ingredients or of the customer service.

hcg-ultra-2Another member of HCGdietl2.com was tasked with trying out HCG Ultra Diet Drops and after extensive reviewing period and consultations with other writers on this blog, we agreed that this is the second choice. It helped our member lose 17 pounds, which may not seem like a lot, but you need to keep it in mind that she only set out to lose 15 pounds. It was not the most strenuous of their programs and it still worked like a charm. It came with a great meal plan and with some of the best shipping options.

better-than-hcg-2Better Than HCG came in third but only because one of these three had to come in third. There are really not that many reasons why it is the last on our list. The best way to illustrate out point would be to tell you that the fourth on our list is at least ten spaces lower than Better Than HCG. Perhaps it is the name that we find unfortunate and the meal plan that could have been a bit more varied. Still, it is a great product in its own right.

These are our opinions and they come after extensive reviewing process and subsequent comparison of our notes. Your experiences may differ, but for us, HCG Triumph is a clear #1 with HCG Ultra Diet Drops and Better Than HCG closely behind.

HCG TRIUMPH 10/10 YES YES 10/10 10/10
HCG ULTRA DIET DROPS 10/10 YES YES 9.5/10 9.5/10
BETTER THAN HCG 10/10 YES YES 9/10 9.0/10

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